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Everyone loves a Wedding!

If you are a couple who are wishing to make a public declaration of your love for one another and are looking, through marriage, to commit to sharing your life’s journey together as husband and wife – then, “Congratulations”!

If you are looking too for what might for you be the right context and setting for your wedding ceremony, then please do read on.

Getting Married in a Christian Church is a Legal Ceremony

We are privileged within the Church of England to be able to hold these legal ceremonies. We must however abide by the legal requirements which are the law of the land! To that end there are certain things we need to clarify from the very beginning, to ensure that we adhere to the legal requirements surrounding marriage in this country and within the Church of England.

To be able to be married here at St Oswald’s, one of you should satisfy one of these conditions:

  • Live in the parish (if you are unsure of boundaries do ask, or consult the A Church Near You website which can help)

  • Regularly attend worship in the Church or have done so for at least 6 months in the past

  • Have been baptised in the Church or been prepared for confirmation here

  • At any time resided in the parish for at least 6 months


  • A parent has resided in the parish for at least 6 months at any time (or still does)

  • A parent regularly attends worship in the Church or has done so for at least 6 months in the past

  • A parent or grandparent was themselves married in the Church

A Wedding Ceremony in a Church is a Christian Ceremony

If you choose to be married in a Church, you are also choosing to be married within the context of Christian service and ceremony which reminds us that God is Love and which asks for God’s special blessing upon your relationship and upon your life together as husband and wife.

The occasion of Your Wedding is a Joyful Occasion

We know that everyone working towards their wedding day will be looking forward to a very personal day, marked by joy and celebration. As well as making your promises of love and commitment (your vows) according to the wording allowed within the Church of England, there are many ways in which you can personalise your Service – with readings, hymns, music and the participation of others - with the playing of the organ and the ringing of the bells. Others may wish for a much simpler and quieter gathering – our country church can be perfect for that too!


If what you have read makes you think that you could get married at St Oswald’s, or would like to know more, why not get in touch. Either come along to one of our Sunday Services (for details click on the button below) or get in touch directly with Rev’d Carolyn, our Vicar, ( – 01937 573975) who will be pleased to hear from you. 

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