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St. Oswald's Finances 


Can you please help?

St. Oswald's is facing a very difficult financial situation. 

Our Church, like so many organisations and charities, has been affected by the pandemic and the changes to everyday life it has brought. Throughout, we have clung to our mission to keep open, to maintain worship, to mark with you the joys and sorrows of birth, life, and death, and to sustain a place of prayer within the village we all love.

All of this requires finance - to maintain our beautiful, listed building and the sanctuary of our churchyard, as well as to invest in our future by meeting day-to-day costs, and our recent commitment to the sensitive installation of AV equipment to better enable our worship and ministry to all. With fewer attendees, increased costs (especially energy), reduced investment income and the inability to hold fundraising events, we now rely upon our cushion of reserves.  

Do you treasure your church and value its presence? Would you consider making a regular monthly contribution? Could you donate? Will you play a part in ensuring that we can be here for you, for one another and for those who follow us? 

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St. Oswald's Finances

St. Oswald's 2022 v 2023 Income

2022 Income £44,841 


2023 Income: £36,560


St. Oswald's 2022 v 2023 Expenditure

2022 Expenditure: £108,400


2023 Expenditure: £103,896


Finance Report:


The above covers the period 1st January to 31st December 2023

Income figures for 2023 are not typical as they have been augmented by receipts from:

•Churches Together in Collingham, Coronation Celebrations

•Churches together has now been closed and the remaining funds shared with the Methodist Church

•Grant support for Car Park surfacing (Emmerdale fund)

•Donations from the appeal to repair the bells

•Savings and Investment in shares provide important revenue and their value shows a modest improvement

•During 2023 £15000 was withdrawn from a cash investment account to meet the deficit in income.

•The finances are not yet balanced and work continues thanks to the generosity of previous generations

Stewardship Report

•We have been without a stewardship recorder in 2023

•No Gift Aid has been recovered

•Major indication from these accounts is that donations have decreased from 2022

More Information?

Please contact:

Doug Masterton
St.Oswald's Treasurer
Tel. 0113 288 6444

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