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Can you please help with some harvest gifts?

St Oswald’s Harvest Service 10am, Sunday 1st October

It's tough times for manay people at the moment & our harvest gifts will be needed more than ever this year. Our harvest gifts will be donated to the Joanna Project (a small local Christian charity working with vulnerable women) & Wetherby Foodbank, both of whom are dependent on donations to enable them to give food parcels to the people/families they support. If you would prefer to give a financial donation instead to either charity that will also be much appreciated by them and can be done via their websites, or by cash which we will deliver.

Both charities have suggested that the following (or similar non-perishable produce) would be particularly welcome:




Tinned meat, fish, stew

Pasta and rice

Pasta sauces

Tinned tomatoes and puree

Pot Noodles

Tinned meals for 1

Tinned potatoes and veg

Tinned meat pies

Tinned baked beans Tinned spaghetti, ravioli

Tinned soup

Tinned Fruit


Rice Pudding

Biscuits and chocolates

Long life fruit juices


Marmalade, jam, honey

Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate

Sugar, UHT milk

Cereals, Porridge

Washing powder Toothpaste and toothbrushes

Liquid antibac soap/gel

Shower gel

Deodorant & body spray

Toilet rolls

Donations can be taken to the church service, or left in the porch/posted through the door of the Vicarage or 41 Hollybush Green, Collingham during the week prior to

October 1st.

Thank you very much for your support which is always most appreciated by the charities.


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