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           From the Vicarage


Summer can be a time for journeys. Whether it is a planned holiday with all the dates, travel and  hotel arrangements made months ago or perhaps a group of young people finishing college and heading off travelling with a general sense of direction but flexible as to what crops up. Or on the other hand there are those who would not have chosen to leave their homes but fear and persecution have left them no alternative and who knows where they will find themselves eventually.

The Bible is full of journeys: Abraham setting off in his old age following God’s promise of a new land, Moses leading his people out of slavery at God’s behest, the Israelites finding their way back from exile in Babylon to their own land and in the New Testament Jesus constantly travelling as he preached the news of the Kingdom crisscrossing Galilee until he turned his face towards Jerusalem and the fulfilment of God’s purposes there. And after the resurrection the apostles and Paul spreading out across the whole Roman Empire to tell the good news of Jesus Christ. Some journeys undertaken with a certain end others begun trusting in God but with no knowledge of a destination.

It feels as if there is a lot of uncertainty around at the moment. As I write this the future of our government is in flux, schools are cancelling trips unsure as to whether cities are safe, and who knows how the negotiations over our leaving the EU will start let alone what the final outcome will be. There are a lot of journeys to be undertaken. It can be exciting to not know exactly where you are going but it does call for trust in whoever is leading the way. Abraham, Moses, Paul had trust in God and Jesus had complete faith in what he was called to do.

Where are we going, who are we trusting, what is our destination? 

There is a worship song: 

Faithful one, so unchanging

Ageless one, you’re my rock of peace

Lord of all I depend on you….

So whether you are about to enjoy a well-planned holiday or you are not sure where things are taking you at the moment may God walk with you on the journey

With every blessing

Every blessing